Suicide Squad Review (Spoilers!)


          I need to preface this review by saying that I am a big fan of DC. Especially their comics. However I always try to not let that affect the way I assess a movie. I just thought it was important to let everyone know my bias before starting with anything. Also if you haven’t watched the movie yet, do not read this review as it will be riddled with spoilers. Finally just wanted to say that I have watched the movie twice, so I was able to get a better perspective on it.

The Good:

Let’s start this review with some of the positive aspects of the film.

  • Harley Quinn

    Let start with the obvious one. Margot Robbie smashed her performance as Harley Quinn. She is the perfect choice for this iconic character. The direction that the character was taken throughout the movie was perfect. The most concerning aspect to me was how they would show the transformation from Harley the psychiatrist to Harley the sociopath. I think the way that they did it was really good. It gives us a lot of character depth into both Harley and The Joker. It shows us how The Joker is such a good talker and manipulator, that has always been one of his main characteristics. The Joker doesn’t have any superpowers or cool gimmick, all he has is his wits and power of persuasion. And we could see that in this film, The Joker managed to sweet talk and manipulate a PSYCHIATRIST into becoming his partner in crime. It also gave us a lot of insight into the Harley herself. We could see throughout the movie, even before her transformation that she has been missing something in her life. She wanted to fill that hole in her heart. That is perfectly where The Joker fit in and she managed to do everything in order to avoid that emptiness. I also really enjoyed that she was able to carry her own, and not need anyone else to help her out. She is actually in my eyes more fearless than The Joker himself from what I saw. This is what this movie excels at, the characters and their interactions. Everything else can go to hell. If they had put more time and effort to focus on character development it would have turned out better. But all in all, Harley Quinn was amazing and I can’t wait to see more of this character.

  • Amanda Waller

       To be fully honest, Amanda Waller was the biggest surprise of this movie. Viola Davis absolutely killed this performance. These are the type of characters that we need in these movies. One of the least generic performances in one of the most generic characters. We don’t usually see these type of characters in superhero movies. Usually they are just background characters that fill in the spots in between intense scenes. However whenever Amanda Waller was on the screen she was the one bringing the intensity. The way she commands and is able to get her way is amazing. She is somewhat of an evil/selfish Nick Fury. She wants whats good for her, no matter what the consequences are. Also that scene before she left the room she was in was jaw dropping. I literally said “Whaaaaat?” out loud while I was in the cinema. Its because you never see these things happening in these sort of films. This is a step in the right direction in my opinion, and I wish both Marvel and DC will start taking more risks with characters like Amanda Waller.

  • The Soundtrack

           This was another thing that actually surprised me. I have always been saying that superhero movies need better soundtrack. As I said with my previous article, I hold all movies with the same standard. I always take note of the soundtrack of film because it is a very important element that not many filmmakers take full advantage of. You can see so many experimentation with soundtrack and how it actually effects the film. Even lack of soundtrack like the movie “No Country for Old Men” was amazing because it actually gave more tension to the movie. So you can see how important soundtrack actually is. This is why I really liked the choice of music for this movie. In the first half of the film as the characters are being introduced each was given a very iconic song as sort of their “theme”. We saw “House of the rising sun”, “Seven Nation Army” and many many more. Not only during the introductions, throughout the entire movie we see amazing song choices based on the situations the characters are in. We see Black Sabbath during a fight scene and in another time we see Eminem as the characters are getting ready. The soundtrack just worked, and I wish that more superhero movies will pay a little more attention to the soundtrack as it actually does add an extra layer to the film that many filmmakers have not been taking advantage of.

  • Harley/Joker Relationship

            Unfortunately I am not able to include “The Joker” in this category. Because the character had a few misses and some hits as well. He was just fine, he was not mind blowing and he definitely was not a flop.  He did his part well and I feel like he will be able to shine more if he is the main villain rather than just a side character. However, what I actually thought was good was the Harley and Joker relationship. Because it is something unique and you don’t usually see it. Their relationship is such an abusive and complicated one. It goes beyond what is seen on screen. Usually in these types of movies, its just this person likes this person, gets a bit awkward, the get closer, and everyone lives happily ever after. This doesn’t happen here. On the contrary, the opposite occurs. You see a person giving away their life and their past for someone else. Doctor Harley gave up everything for The Joker. We see how much torture she was put through in order to be transformed and how messed up she had become. This is not a perfect relationship, and that’s good! I usually don’t like the forced romance that is pushed into superhero films. It seems like Hollywood has this cookie cutter style when it comes to certain aspect in blockbuster movies. However I approve of the romance in this film, because of how it pushes and develops the characters in the film. Everything in a film should be put for a reason, and I feel like this relationship between both Harley and Joker really strengthens their characters. Imagine if The Joker was not in this film at all. There would be no room for Harley Quinn to grow as a character. In conclusion, this is why I feel like we should commend DC for introducing this twisted relationship into the mainstream audience and we must try to encourage more studious to take more risks when it comes to this aspect of their films.

  • Honorable Mentions

      I’ll just go by this pretty quickly:

– Will Smith as Deadshot was surprisingly good. He did well even though I had no expectations from him. He was probably my third favorite character after Harley and Amanda.

– I liked Jai Courtney as Boomerang even though the character was pretty lame. Also I liked that Flash caught Boomerang. As comics fans know, Boomerang is a Flash villain.

– The Joker being a mob boss is an interesting idea, and I like how this Joker is radically different than the others. However still not the best. But good enough, and that’s all that matters.

The Bad:

             Oh boy, here we go. Just bear in mind this isn’t the worst of the worst. If you know what I am trying to do there will be another section called “The Ugly”. So strap on to your seat belts, because we will start listing all the bad stuff about this film.

  • The Editing

          Holy crap did I have a lot of issues with the editing in this film, while I did enjoy the way they introduced the characters, which sort of reminded me of Scott Pilgrim, I hated everything else about the editing in this movie. You could see that there was a lot of meddling going into this movie. It seemed like two people were arguing as to what they wanted and they couldn’t each have their own way, so they just meshed up the two. The editing was really choppy and felt really uncomfortable. It had no smoothness to it, like it was just like scene, cut awkwardly to another awkward scene quickly so that no one would notice. It really bugged me out throughout the movie. And after watching it the second time I actually noticed it more. It seemed to be more prevalent in the final third act of the movie. With that being said, I feel like David Ayer was pushed into a corner and had no choice but to accept some of the changes that Warner Bros wanted to make. This in turn lead us to having this bad editing plague the final cut of the movie.

  • Generic Tropes

        This is something which I always seem to criticize when it comes to these action blockbuster movies. It seems that Hollywood feels like we have to stick to a certain formula when it comes to these type of movies or it wont work. It is always the same thing over and over again. I remember just last week going to see the new Jason Bourne film and a quarter of the way through the movie my friend leans over and tells me “I’ve seen this movie before”. Because that’s how it is nowadays. All movies seem to have these constants that you cannot change and then you can just wiggle around with the variables that you are given. A great example of this when it comes to superhero movies was given by a reviewer at by the name of Drew Mcweeny. He talks about the “glowing doodad”. Whether it be the Tesseract from Marvel or the Enchantress’ heart in Suicide Squad. There seems to always be this glowing thing that comes from outer space or another world that allows the heroes to defeat these incredible villains. It is boring, and it is so repetitive. We are sick of following the same tropes with every film. Likewise, it always seems like superheroes are going towards a huge portal or some alien flashy lights in the middle of the city that is a threat to the entire world. Why can’t the conflict just be between the villain and the hero. Why does every villain just want to go after the entire world. Why can’t it be like Civil War where he tries to cause struggle internally, or The Joker from The Dark Knight where he wanted to make a point, that even the most honest and perfect man (Harvey Dent) can turn evil. These villains were so well made, which is why those movies were good. They had a point and good direction to go to. Whereas if you just see a huge non-human entity in the middle of the city with a big portal in the sky trying to take over the world. There is nothing to that, no story, no arc, you can’t do anything new with it. Which is why I am hoping, and praying that Wonder Woman and Justice League will move away from these awful generic tropes and try to bring something new to the table.

The Ugly:

             Now, what I mentioned above was bad, but it wasn’t the worst of the worst when it comes to this movie unfortunately. It saddens me that these aspects ruined the movie, because if these aspects were done well, this movie would have been great.

  • Cringe

          The thing that I hate seeing in any movie. Cringe can ruin any experience for me. It ruined my experience with the season finale of Mr.Robot for example. It just leaves a sour taste in your mouth as you are watching the movie. Now obviously this does not apply to everyone, some people really don’t care about this at all and sometimes don’t even notice it. However I just can’t let it go. Even after expecting those cringey moments during my second viewing of the movie, it still annoyed me whenever they came up. A lot of these cringe scenes had to do with the forced in one-liners that were added later on in the production of the movie. I felt like they did not fit in at all and they seemed very out of place in the context of the movie as well. Another main cringe factor for me was Captain Rick Flag. I could not take him serious at all. Even as the movie was in it’s climax he turns to Will Smith in the most awkward of ways and screams “HER HEART IS OUT, WE GOTTA SHOOT IT”. I really hated that scene. His entire character annoyed me to be honest and I don’t think he was cast well. He was the only bad casting decision in my eyes. That wasn’t the only cringe factor in the movie. Some came from The Joker actually. I hated the smile tattoo that he had on his hand. It looked so silly and out of place. With this version of the Joker he seems so intimidating and scary, kind of like a mob boss. However when he puts that hand tattoo on his face and laughs, it just makes me want to laugh at how silly it is. It doesn’t fit with what the character is meant to do. In conclusion, I did not like the cheesiness of the movie, it seemed forced and out of place. I would’ve preferred if they had let Ayer stick to his vision of the movie and having it have a very dark and serious tone, as I feel it would fit well with the whole concept of the movie of bad guys being brought in to do an impossible mission.

  •  Structure/Plot

        This was also another main issue that everyone seems to agree upon. The structure of this movie was so messy. Jumping around everywhere just confused everyone. Especially after cutting so many Joker scenes, it made the movie even messier. Half of the time we are just following these guys and we don’t even know what the hell is going on. There is no clear direction with the film. Everyone is riding the wave and seeing where it leads us. I don’t appreciate this at all. The thing is, I really do believe that somewhere in this movie, there is an excellent film. It just needs to be rearranged in some way in order to get that sweet spot. However as is, it is not doing the film justice. The first half was really all over the place moving from flashbacks to the pentagon to the prison to joker and it just keeps on moving on and on. They seemed to want to put the origin story for every freaking character when it wasn’t necessary. There should have just been a big focus on deadshot, Harley and The Joker. We didn’t need to see Katana killing up mafia men and “avenging” her dead husband. It was unnecessary. I don’t know what should have been done to be honest. But it isn’t this. There needed to be some more thought into how the audience would think of what the characters were doing. Hopefully the next few DC movies really lock down their structure and avoid any future meddling in any of the finished products.

  • The Final Fight/Climax

          There is one word to describe the last fight and it is “Unsatisfying”. That’s all that it is. Whenever you have a superhero movie, you are waiting for the final spectacle battle that is bound to happen. When thinking of the main villain you have to keep on mind the power level of the villain when compared to the heroes. Of course you don’t want to make the villain too weak for the battle to be over quickly and you don’t want to make him too overpowered. You have to find a balance. Also you have to choose the appropriate villain for the appropriate hero. They both go hand in hand, one needs the other. Batman has the Joker, one is about justice and peace the other is about anarchy. The Flash and Captain Cold, one nullifies the others powers. These are examples of good villains that provide an interesting dynamic when it comes to the struggle between hero and villain. In this movie however, the choice that was made was so bad. When you have a villain like the Enchantress and her brother against people with pistols, baseball bats, swords and metal boomerangs, its not much of a fight is it. Nothing happened, Harley takes a swing and gets thrown to the side, Boomerang throws something and gets thrown. No one can do anything against them. This limits what you can do with the fight. All they were able to do was bring Diablo into the fight because of his powers. Which ended up being very lame due to his stupid looking “Super Form”. The fight had nothing to it, and felt very disappointing for the viewer. When you have BvS which I criticized for including Doomsday. At least with that fight there was something going on. All three heroes could do something against Doomsday. This gave us a nice battle that satisfies the viewer. When you compare that to Suicide Squad, its like night and day. It was boring, no room for choreography and also a very lame way to end it all. I just wish they had chosen a better villain. The choice of villain is as important and sometimes even more important than the choice of hero. Because the whole plot has to revolve around the actions of the villain. This is why The Dark Knight was so good, the actions of the Villain made sense in the realm of the film. All in all, it was a poor villain choice which lead to a poor and unsatisfying climax of the film.

Final Thoughts

         This movie really made me sad. I wanted it to be so good. My score actually went up after my second viewing of the movie but not by a lot, which you will see below. I love the comics that DC produce, and I just want that to be reciprocated onto the big screen. I know that there is a good movie in between all the bad choices that were made. I also know that David Ayer was forced into a corner when it comes to the decisions that were made regarding the overall tone of the film. I feel like in order for the DCEU to succeed we need to just give full creative control to the director himself. Except for Zack Snyder, I wish they would stop using him. One thing is for sure, which was proven again in this film. Batman is being done right. Ben Affleck has proven that he is one of the best versions of Batman we have ever seen put on the big screen. This character is DC’s greatest asset and I am positive that the film that Affleck is writing and directing will knock everyone’s socks off. Till that time, we just have to hope and wish that Wonder Woman and Justice League will be good.

Verdict 5.9~6.1/10

Suicide Squad: Critics, Fans, Reviews, Warner Brothers and Bribery (Spoiler-Free)


            Last night I had the chance to go to the first screening of Suicide Squad. Now as a huge fan of comics and especially DC, I wanted this movie to be good. I wanted this movie to save the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will be the case. For so long Warner Brothers have been sticking their fingers into stuff that never needed it. However that isn’t the biggest issue that DC movies have been having lately. The greatest challenge they face is that of critics’ reviews. It seems that whatever DC has been producing lately has been getting abnormally horrible reviews. Now I am not one to go with the idea of conspiracy theories. People keep on saying that critics have been bribed by Marvel to give DC movies bad reviews. In this article I will break down what I really feel is going on surrounding everything related to Suicide Squad and the negative reviews controversy that has been happening.

Critics’ Reviews:

              I will preface this again, I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories. When the Batman Vs Superman reviews started coming out, I thought they were a bit harsh. Even though I did agree with most of them and did not enjoy the movie as much, I still thought it got more hate than it deserved. However I never thought that the reviewers were bribed. However yesterday and also today, as I sat in-front of my screen reading countless reviews from acclaimed critics and sites I could not help but wonder if something was actually going on. Some reviews were abnormally harsh to such an extent that I couldn’t even believe that they were being published. Sure, the movie wasn’t incredible. However it is no where near close to what the critics have been saying it is. I have read over five articles which state that Suicide Squad is “Worse than Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, and Jonah Hex”. Which is simply INSANE. Green Lantern was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Suicide Squad doesn’t even come close to that. How can these people really believe that this movie is worse than those god awful cash grabs. With Suicide Squad there is at least some sense of passion being put into the project.

              Now, I can’t actually prove that these reviewers were being bribed. However I do feel that there is something fishy going on with this whole situation. When you look at all of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies, the worst rated which is Thor sits at a 66% aggregated rating from critics. While Suicide Squad sits at a 38% rating. I can’t understand this. Yes, the movie wasn’t perfect, however it is not even close to a 38%. I actually do feel like Suicide Squad for me was at the level of Thor. There is some inconsistency when it comes to reviews. It seems like reviewers have been holding different films to different standards. This isn’t the way to review a film. One has to look at what the film does right and what the film does wrong and weigh out how that affects the perception of the film. The best example can be seen below:


             How can any sane movie reviewer look at both these aggregated scores and think that this is fair. It seems like reviewers hold DC movies to a much higher standard. But how come? Both Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad are movies. They should be judged and given merit based on what is solely presented to the audience and not holding them up to this impossible standard. There is something wrong with how reviewers review certain movies and how they review others. When reading most of the Suicide Squad reviews all I could see were reviewers who did not even want to acknowledge a shred of goodness coming from the film. I did not like it as much as I wanted but I still do admit that it had some good parts. When reading most reviews being given, it makes it seem like the movie has no redeeming factors whatsoever. I don’t know what the issue is with reviewers and DC movies. Sure, the movies haven’t been perfect. However they have been getting an abnormal amount of hate that just seems very silly to me.

             So the big question is this. Why does this matter? These movies already get so much money as it is. Why should these reviews even matter? They matter for many reasons. But one of the most important ones is that they give a negative stigma to the film before it is even watched by many people. Since reviews by critics usually come out a day or two before the worldwide premiere, people have a preconceived opinion on how the movie will turn out.  Also it can stop people from actually going to the movie to begin with. When I was browsing the movies subreddit, I saw so many people commenting on not going to the movie due to the bad reviews that have been coming out.

          Now with all this being said, I am not saying that you shouldn’t write bad reviews about film. Obviously not. What I am saying is that the majority of the super negative reviews show that Suicide Squad has no redeeming qualities. This is somewhat far-fetched. An example if I recall correctly was that many critics used to criticize Marvel’s lack of distinct soundtrack when it comes to their movies. Usually with superhero movies their is always a distinct and prevalent soundtrack that sticks to your memory whenever you think of the movie. Many critics and myself as well did not like the fact that movies from the MCU lacked that aspect when it comes to their soundtrack. Now when it comes to Suicide Squad, the soundtrack is incredible, and in more than 20 reviews most did not even acknowledge it and some even said that “all that awesome music was too much, and didn’t help”. I find it silly how they criticize other superhero movies for not having a certain thing, yet when this movie comes and does what they asked for, it is unappreciated. As I said before, there has been some inconsistencies when it comes to reviews. Without some change, people will start taking everything that is being said by these critics to heart and not even bothering to go to the films even if it might have some redeeming factors.

Warner Brothers:

               Warner Bros…. Seriously. Stop meddling into places that you shouldn’t be meddling. If you may or may not have heard. After the filming of Suicide Squad there was a re-shooting which was requested by Warner Bros in order to add comedic touches and one-liners into the movie. That decision was really really dumb and it proves that Warner Bros are clueless when it comes to what the people want. The problem is, they do this, and make so much money. So they think that what they are doing made it work. The thing that gave the movie this much money is the intense marketing and also the brand. People will watch it regardless. So, you guys did not meddle and let David Ayer do his thing, I think that Warner Bros were gonna be on top. We already saw that Ayer has proven himself as a director when he directed the war drama “Fury”. Even certain people who watched the movie before the re-shooting were so impressed with the first edit. They loved it, and with this change they felt very disappointed with the whole thing. As am I. I really wish they gave Ayer full creative control over the movie. If he had I think the movie would have been one of the best comic films ever. However with what we have, it is just an average one. I know that this article will not change anything going forward with the DCEU. However I just wanted to let everyone know that if they keep on going this way, having popular characters is not going to keep on carrying this franchise. Hopefully Geoff Johns can save this franchise the same way he saved DC by his amazing efforts in the New 52.


                   To anyone willing to go see Suicide Squad, have no expectations. Go into the movie with nothing in mind and expect nothing. Forget what the critics say and forget what the fanboys say. Watch the movie and judge it for yourself and you can see its flaws and merits. The movie isn’t perfect yet it isn’t as bad as critics say it is. Also I will hopefully soon write my full review of the movie and my thoughts on it.


Avengers: Age of Ultron (Review)


Now I will preface this review by saying that I entered the movie with a bias in my mind. That is obviously something I try to avoid, however it was very hard to shake off. This strange feeling kept creeping up on me as I was going to waiting for the movie to begin. I was afraid of the repeated Marvel formula again. During the release of the first Iron Man movie hype was through the roof. Marvel seemed to have hit all the key spots that they wanted with that movie. It had humor, action, a plot, and many more. Even though it wasn’t my cup of tea I still appreciated that this is the direction they wanted their movies to go in. Now keep in mind this is the time in which The Dark Knight Trilogy was coming out, and DC was going for more of this serious and dramatic feel for superhero movies. Marvel on the other hand went off and started their line-up with Iron Man and built up their hype. Unfortunately every other Marvel movie that they followed with had the same formula. Cheesy one-liners, rehashed sub-plots, and worst of all mindless action. That’s what I hate most about it, if you want to make a summer action blockbuster then go right ahead. But don’t just rehash your same formula and plot into every one of your movies. I say that while they are all rolling in money but that’s how the world works. Nevertheless, Marvel needs to seriously rethink their model of how they are going to continue forward with their line-up. Now that I got that out of the way let me talk about the movie itself.

So the Avengers: Age of Ultron played a lot like the first movie. They just took it safe and did the same thing. The plot doesn’t really have that much creativity into it. The movie is just filled with one-liners that act as transitions to the next scene to keep you laughing so you don’t notice how badly they are setting the stage for the next part of the scene. There were many parts where they were trying to get this character development between The Hulk and Black Widow but it ended in such an unsatisfying way. Other than that all of the other characters have not developed yet and are able to maintain their witty and cheesy characters even in the face of total earth annihilation. I have to say though, the villain was actually not that bad. Many people just think of Loki whenever they hear of a Marvel movie, and they are right because Loki had such a strong presence. I think Ultron had that too, but it was unfortunately again just inspired by Loki because they made him menacingly funny instead of just a menace. I feel like even though its redone, their villains capture the spirit that the first Iron Man movie had, it had this own charm that didn’t take itself too seriously. What they are doing with the Avengers is that they are REALLY not taking themselves seriously, they cant spend a moment of seriousness without breaking it with a one-liner. The problem with these one-liners are that they take you out of the atmosphere of the movie. They are written or intended for the audience and not the film itself. So what happens is that the script gets diverted and lead to a direction just so that the audience can laugh. What should be done is to have that integrated into what they are talking about and have something funny but still have an impact on the plot itself. Do you know why they always transition after a one-liner? It’s because you can’t follow up with anything else, it is not intended for the plot. Imagine if they kept a scene after a cheesy one-liner, it would be awkward to follow up anything with it. Anyway I feel like I have ranted too long about the plot and one-liners in the movie, I will talk now about the action in the movie.

So the action, that is the meat of these blockbusters. They try to fill empty time in the movie with mindless action. However it doesn’t have to be mindless action but that’s how it is unfortunately. I want you to go back and watch the first Avengers, and watch the last battle in New York City, now come back and think of the last battle in the second Avengers. See the similarities? It feels almost identical. Big city with aliens invading while the Avengers are killing everything while also saving the civilians. Now I’m fine with this I don’t care, but what I did notice this time around is why I don’t enjoy this type of action. I feel like I can’t see what is actually going on in the fight. I mean I know who is hitting who and who is getting hurt, but I am talking about the camera perspective. Everything is in bite sized bits during fights and it is always filmed with a close shot. Now I know this is the norm but I am sick and tired of it. I can’t SEE what is happening. This technique is usually used to show the force of each hit, however I would much rather enjoy seeing it in a wide shot with a little less cuts. Even if we don’t feel the impact with every punch, at least we are able to see what is going on clearly. A great example of this is the corridor fighting scene in the Korean movie Oldboy. That is a scene where it is shot with a wide angle and no cuts for 5 minutes give or take. And you know what, it was so good to watch. Even though it wasn’t as hard impact as what they are doing in these movies, but it felt good to watch. It felt better, because there was this natural flow in the action and combat rather than 500 little bite sized punches and kicks. I’m not saying that every action movie should take the Oldboy approach. What I am saying is that there is a grey area, its not always black and white. There has to be some balance and I felt that it was lacking in this movie. Now with all that said, I have to say I enjoyed the fight between Iron Man and The Hulk. It was really fun to watch. The Hulk is really a character I like because he has so much power yet he has no control over it. That’s what makes him great, not like Superman or Iron Man. Because with them you know nothing will go wrong with them, the situation will go wrong but not them. Whereas the Hulk can’t control his rage so there are many factors that could go wrong with him which is what I love about his character. Though they didn’t show him a lot which disappointed me to be honest. Now I will side tangent and rant about Ads placement in movies.


A side tangent here but I really wanted to talk about this issue because it really bugged me in the Avengers. I am getting tired of Ad placements in movies. I see movies as an immersive experience, its a way to get out of the world you are currently in and live for a short while with someone else. You experience their emotions and their hardships, all of this gives you such an immersive experience that can’t be stimulated in other ways. However when they start putting in Ad’s in the film it takes me completely out of the film. So the world is under danger and life on earth is going to be destroyed. Oh wait that’s fine, let me just take this Audi car and drive it to where I want to be. Seriously? It so took me out of the movie, and the worst part is that it was the climax. That is the time where they should bring in the viewer and have them on the edge of their seats. But they decided to have a 30 second Audi commercial during the middle of the climax of the film. It really pisses me off. I know that they want money, everyone wants money, even if they are already swimming in it. This just makes me feel like they don’t care as much about the movie than about the money they are going to make. Which saddens me since many people don’t have a chance to let out their creativity because of a lack of capital, and they are here ruining their film for a few extra dollars. So yeah its really disappointing. I mean even during a moment where Black Widow is serious and developing her character as she is sad about the Hulk. They shove in they new and improved Galaxy S6 edge with its shiny new look. I really hate how they ruined it for themselves by having these Ad’s, and I wish that this trend would decrease rather than increase. 

So all in all, I know I have been harsh on the movie but it is with good reason. I don’t like to bash something that I haven’t seen or experienced myself. And honestly I always try to give the benefit of the doubt however it didn’t happen with this movie. I know that so many people love this movie and franchise which is why I suspect that many will disagree with what I might say, but at the end of the day these are opinions.  Reviews are supposed to be subjective because they carry the flavor of the reviewer. If we don’t have any subjective reviews all of them would be the same, and that’s not fun. So I hope you respect my opinions and I would love to hear yours as well.

Verdict: 4.3/10

15 Great unscripted movie scenes


It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog unfortunately. So I decided to come back with a list of some of my personal favorite unscripted scenes in movies. I will mostly include scenes that are confirmed to be unscripted so the Midnight cowboy scene which is disputed upon by the director and Dustin Hoffman will not be included, or any other similar scene.  The list will just be ordered alphabetically instead of keeping them ranked, since it will be hard to put criteria on unscripted scenes. Without further ado here are 15 of the many great unscripted scenes that made it into the final movie cut.

 1) Annie Hall (1977) “The sneeze”

Widely regarded as Woody Allen’s masterpiece, Annie Hall had one of the most famous sneezes in cinema history. What is mind boggling is the fact that it was never intended in the final cut, and was filmed during screen rehearsals. Woody Allen’s character Alvy was at a party where he is offered a tin can filled with cocaine. As he takes the tin in his hand he has a violent erupting sneeze which sends the white powder flying everywhere. All the actors started laughing uncontrollably which was so genuine and spontaneous that Allen decided to keep it in the final cut.

2) Being John Malkovich (1999) “Think fast!”

A disturbance on set is usually something that can turn the day sour instantly. Whereas for this movie a disturbance added more to the characters frustration during the scene. After Malkovich meets Craig Schwartz on the side of the road, he wanders off mad and annoyed. As he walks off a car passes by with a man leaning out of the window. The man throws a can while yelling “Hey Malkovich! Think fast!”. The can hit Malkovich in the back of his head which induced genuine frustration which felt believable in the context of the movie as well. The extra who threw the can was actually given a raise upon having the scene placed in the final cut instead of being fired!

3) Blade Runner (1982) “Like tears in the rain” 


During the final battle between ex-blade runner Rick Deckard and replicant Roy Batty, as Rick tries to exterminate Roy. He puts himself in a very awkward corner on a rooftop ready to meet his demise. Rather than killing Deckard, Roy shows mercy and rescues him from the edge of the roof. He gives a final monologue before he dies. As he thinks about his past and the short life he lived, he says “All the moments will be lost in time…” Hauer then adds a very powerful phrase “.. Like tears in the rain” The line was so good it was it had become one of the most memorable of the entire movies.


4) Casablanca (1942) “Here’s looking at you kid”

This timely classic had so many memorable lines which stayed in the mind of the viewers. But the line it is most memorable for and most accredited for wasn’t even in the original script! The scene where both Ilsa and Victor are put on a plane bound to america one last line is uttered to Ilsa by Bogart’s character. “Here’s looking at you kid” instantly became the quote of the movie. According to some reports, it is said that Bogart would say that line to her as he was teaching her poker during the breaks.

5) Clockwork Orange, A (1971) “Singing in the rain dance”


Kubrick’s incredible movie about the tale of a mischievous young man is not only one of his best movies, it is also one of three movies of his on this list. The scene in which the gang break into a random house is considered to be one of the most popular and disturbing parts of the entire movie. After shooting the scene many times, Kubrick wasn’t happy with the result. He finally suggested to McDowell to dance a little bit during the scene. McDowell did an excellent spontaneous dance that Kubrick was very pleased and kept it in the final cut.  As a side note, the scene was actually so difficult for the actress originally cast, that she had to quit and have her role recast.

6) Dark Knight, The (2008) “Slow clapping” & “Delayed explosion”

I have previously explained my problems with TDK and Nolan, yet I am not here to do that now. For me Heath Ledger was the savior of the movie and he showed it when faced with these spontaneous situations during filming. He perfectly stayed in character which should be a huge credit towards him. The first unscripted scene happened when The Joker was  incarcerated in the police department. As the mayor gives the news that Gordon is now the new commissioner. As the officers in the room applaud loudly, Ledger begins to slowly clap without changing  his expression or breaking out of character as he improvises. The improvisation is very subtle and simple, but it brought a very dark feel to the scene and added another layer to the character. The other important scene which showed how genuinely, even facing a spontaneous  event, Ledger was able to stay in character was the hospital scene. As The Joker was exiting the hospital wearing his nurse’s outfit, he pulls the trigger on the explosion and the fireworks begin. But as he was further away the explosions suddenly stop. Improvising, Ledger doesn’t break character and starts fondling with the remote. He brings out a hint of the style of Joker that is found in other renditions of batman in what was supposed to be a serious scene. The explosion goes off and he genuinely gets startled and runs off to the bus.

7) Dr. Strangelove (1964) “End Scene” 


The second of Kubrick’s movies to make it on the list. Dr. Strangelove was known for its improvisations when Kubrick gave Sellers three roles to just improvise all he wants. Kubrick and his co-writer actually had to “retroscript” and change a lot to be able to include many of Sellers’ improvised lines. However, personally the end scene with Dr. Strangelove is my favorite unscripted scene in any movie. As we are coming to the end of the satirical movie, Dr. Strangelove who has been confined to the wheelchair suddenly stands up. At the very end in spontaneous fashion Sellers stood up and delivered the most brilliant unscripted line “Mein Führer! I can walk!” which was followed by the explosion compilation.  That line also created on of my favorite ending scenes in cinema history, and I applaud Sellers for his ability to improvise such great lines and ideas.

8)  Full Metal Jacket (1987)  “Drill Sergeant” 

The third of Kubrick’s movies to make it onto this list and for good reason. FMJ felt like it was split into 2, first showing the actual real hardships that soldiers go through in boot camp, and the rest was on the actual war and how it really is. As for the first part, R. Lee Ermey wasn’t even cast for the role of the drill sergeant. Ermey later sent a video tape to Kubrick of him spewing insults at soldiers for 15 minutes straight. This lead to an immediate casting of Ermey. Ermey then wrote down 150 pages of insults and submitted them to Kubrick! The director admits that more than 50% of the dialogue was improvised by Ermey and one of the few times Kubrick has allowed this much improvisation.

9) Godfather, The (1972) “Take the cannoli” & “The cat”

Widely regarded as on of the greatest movies in cinema history just by sheer brilliance in hitting the mark on most aspects. The Godfather actually had two scenes which were not in the original script. The first one though not as well known as the cat, it still gave this great taste to the scene, and created a famous line for the movie. As Clemenza was ordered to carry a hit out on Paulie, he approached the bullet covered car.  Castellano’s original line was “Leave the gun” but reminiscing an earlier scene, he improvised “Take the cannoli” which was the creation of this famous line. The other unscripted scene in the movie had to do with Don Vito’s cat in the beginning of the movie. The Godfather was known for being very coldblooded, ordering for a man to be beaten for the beating of another man’s daughter, all the while gently stroking a cat. The insane thing about this is that the cat was never even part of the original script. Yet it has evolved into becoming one of the most memorable scenes of Don Vito. As for how the cat came to be in the movie. Some people say that Coppola just plopped the cat onto Brando’s lap right before filming. Other reports say that Marlon found the cat wandering around set and he carried it with him to filming. Whatever the reason may, I’m  sure I am not the only  one who is happy that the cat ended up on the final cut.

10) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) “Gun vs. Sword”

Though I am not a hardcore fan of the Indiana Jones series, I can still appreciate the hilarious unscripted scene which became an iconic part of Indiana for all his fans. While Indiana is hurrying to rescue the damsel in distress he stumbles into a huge sword wielding man dressed in black. The bad guy shows off his sword skills for a while to scare Indiana. Instead of fighting him, Jones just pulls out a gun and moves along. This was not intended to be in the movie, it was actually supposed to be a very long sword fight between the two. Unfortunately the day of shooting Ford had a bad case of food poisoning and didn’t have enough energy to film a long fight scene. After a discussion with Spielberg, the scene was changed to the now famous Gun vs. Sword fight.

11)  Reservoir Dogs (1992) “Can you hear me now?”


Tarantino’s first movie, the independent Reservoir Dogs, contained many memorable scenes, but not more memorable than the torture scene by Mr. Blonde. One of the most gruesome scenes of the movie had Mr. Blonde torture an officer by slicing his ear off.  Tarintino never really gave Madsen any direction or instruction as to what to do after the cutting was done. So he eventually improvised all his actions and lines while shooting. This led to an incredibly cold blooded scene which included the great unscripted quote of “Can you hear me now?” as Mr. Blonde says it to the cut off ear.

12)  Silence of the lambs, The (1991) “The hiss”

For anyone who has seen this movie, they know that Anthony Hopkins gave one of the greatest renditions of Hannibal Lecter to ever be on screen. Though I may not be a fan of Hannibal Lecter and his story, I appreciate the movie and Hopkins’ role. Even though he only had 16 minutes of actual dialogue to be said, it was enough for him to portray his character and the many layers perfectly. It was also enough for him to receive an Oscar. From his 16 minutes his most memorable would be his story he told to Clarice about eating a liver with fava beans and Chianti. After it though Hopkins gave this eerie Hiisssss sound which added a huge amount to the creepiness of his character. The hiss however was never in the script. It was said that Hopkins did it during rehearsals just to creep out Jodie. The director was very pleased with the hiss, that he told him to keep it for the shooting of the final cut.

13) Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) “I know”

Again same issue with Indiana Jones, not a hardcore fan to adore this line but I do appreciate it.  This unscripted line is here because Harrison Ford was able to add a line that just summed up the entire smug character more than any other Han line.  As Solo is about to be cased in carbonite, Princess Leia finally reveals her affections for him. She went on and said “I love you”, and the script originally had Solo saying “I love you too” Ford decided that Solo wouldn’t say anything like that so he changed it to “I know” making it a perfectly fitting way for smug Solo to reply to Leia.

14) Taxi Driver (1976) “You talking to me?”

Taxi Driver, known to be one of the greatest movies ever is chock full of incredibly memorable scenes which included the insomniac Travis. One of the key scenes was when Travis is seen talking to himself in the mirror. Yet all the script had written for that scene was “Travis talks to himself in the mirror” and nothing else. Everything that was said was improvised by De Niro on the spot. This led to an interesting set of lines of a man who had started to loose it. The famous line of “You talking to me?” eventually came out of De Niro as he faces himself in the mirror. To this day that line is stuck in everyone’s head as they see themselves in the mirror.

15) The Usual Suspects (1995) “The line up”

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie apart from the ending is the line up scene in the beginning.  For this scene the writer (Christopher McQuarrie) just wrote this line “Give me the keys you fucking cocksucker!” for the line up scene. It was on each individual actor to say it however they wanted. McQuarrie actually played the cop in the scene speaking to the suspects, and he had to say “In English please” to Del Toro for not being very clear. His reaction after that was completely natural and unscripted and created a great comical moment for the character. Also according to some interviews the laughing during Del Toro’s turn was due to the constant farting on set! In the end the opted to keep it for the final cut of the movie.


Thank you all for reading this, I know it has been a while but I have been under a lot of stress with university. All in all I hope you enjoyed this list and hopefully I will be bringing back the reviews for the 1001 movies to see before you die book. Finally if you ever want me to write about anything either a review or a list or just a general article please feel free to contact me in any way, all my contact info’s are in the “contact us” page. So yeah please tell me what you want to see because I sometimes have writers block and never know what to write about.

Thanks again, Omar

1001 Movies Challenge: The Apartment (1960)



I’ve been sort of having a marathon since I just came back home, and I am so happy to have seen The Apartment. It is also the first Billy Wilder movie I saw which gave me a good impression of him. I apologize in advance for not writing anything for soundtrack.


A man tries to rise in his company by letting its executives use his apartment for trysts, but complications and a romance of his own occur.

-Story/Script 8.8-

Though it may seem like a simplistic gimmick on the romantic comedy genre, the story is actually very unique and clever. While watching the movie I thought to myself “huh, this is actually very clever”. The layers and the characters were laid out so neatly in their own cluster of strings intertwining each other from time to time. It’s the characters that make the story not the apartment. C.C. Baxter’s lines as well were just superb and very well written which really surprised me. I went in the movie with zero expectations and came out with a good impression of it, opinion-wise. 

-Acting 8.9-

The acting in this movie was superb. Especially between the two main leads of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. Jack Lemmon to be precise was really great and on key with every line. He really fit the role and it suited him well. His scenes when he was sick were just great and made me smile and how good he was at it. On the other side of the spectrum we see the female lead who gave a very opposite feeling. A very dry and needing feeling emerged from Fran as a character. She and Baxter complimented each other well as a mixture of quirky and dry. The only complaint would probably be that some of the minor characters really annoyed me with their accents, as some of them felt really forced. Other than that the acting was great. 

-Directing 8.6-

The directing was great from Billy Wilder cinematography-wise. The scenes in the office building were genius. I loved the endless rows of employees all working, its something I envisioned for a project I’m thinking of. Some shots though in the apartment felt very repeated and overused, though that might be because of the limited space of the room itself. Nevertheless I would’ve enjoyed more creativity with that room as he did in the office building. Maybe he should have taken a page out of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rope”. All in all the pacing was great and I loved the curve that he decided to go with the movie. It always kept us engaged and enthralled as to what might happen next. I hope to see Wilder’s other works and see if they are as good as this.

-Average Score 8.76- 

-Should you watch it?-

Absolutely, this movie will be great for anyone. People who would just like to relax and watch a simple movie will love it. Like-wise, people who enjoy great and acting and looking at detail will enjoy it very much. It is a black and white movie yes, but that shouldn’t put you off of it. These movies are just as good and in my opinion way better than most of the stuff people find popular these days. 

Thank you for reading.

“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Review


I knew that this would happen when they announced that The Hobbit would span out into three films instead of one. I knew that when they announced The Hobbit they could go two ways: either doing one 3 hour movie which just goes by the book, or span it out into 3 movies and add a ton of bullshit. They essentially went with the second choice which in my opinion for a content creator is a bad choice. All they had in sight was the money that they could make by advertising this brand new epic trilogy that will be as bad ass as The Lord Of The Rings, yet still stay faithful to the fun style of the book. Nothing worked out for me to be honest. Lets talk about the issues one by one.

-The CGI-

It’s gone, the feeling of middle earth is gone. The over use of CGI is just awful. When someone wants to create this magical fantasy universe they should try their best to make it as immersive as possible. You want us to feel like we want to be part of the world and make it have a specific look and feel. What you gave us was something I couldn’t watch to be honest. I felt like after every cut I was somewhere else, a great example is the river rapid scene. It was literally a joke. I felt like it was 5 different places. The far shot looked like middle earth in terms of the colors and the feel. They turn back to a close shot and they look like they are standing behind a horrible projected screen as the actors ride the rapids so unnaturally. Then we finally get this weird first person view which looks like its been filmed with a flipping phone from the stone age. I don’t understand it. Why would you want to disconnect us from your world. I understand the use of CGI for mythical creatures and what not. What I don’t like is the use of CGI for everything except the humans. I mean the landscapes and the areas of LOTR were what made the movie iconic. It gave us the right taste of middle earth. It never took us on this incredible art gallery then suddenly threw us in the janitors closet. We felt that human touch and struggle in LOTR, this just feels like dead. The thing that annoys me the most is that now with double the budget of the first trilogy, they could have expanded their search of areas. They could have focused more on real sets and real areas, not just green screening everything and wasting every cent to the graphics department. I guess my only compliment of the CGI was that Smaug did feel very terrifying. Though when again a lot of times he just felt out of place which was again, sad. I know that this might be very negative, but this is not something good for the film industry. Same goes to many other mediums which have advanced, they started to forget the core of the art itself. Remember when movies had no sound, what did they do? They were creative. Look at a trip to the moon for gods sake, that movie was more immersive than this one, and that came out A HUNDRED AND ELEVEN YEARS AGO. Sigh, I don’t want this to start being the norm. We have these movies which are being praised by mainstream public, and when I see a beautiful modern movie with core film elements it gets shat on by everyone. I don’t know, I hope the public will start to change their taste and not stand by overuse of CGI and not allowing it to become something normal.

-The Story- 

I can explain the entire story of the hobbit with one sentence. A journey with countless impossible situations and last minute bail-outs. This is one of the worst trends I’ve seen in movies. This “trope-y” style has to stop. Every popcorn movie nowadays seems to just put the main character(s) into impossible situations over and over again and have them magically escape them. This is merely there to elongate the story as they have clearly made one book into three movies. They just make everything drag on and place a few funny one liners to lighten up the mood. The Hobbit was a joyful lighthearted adventure as opposed to the LOTR, and I am okay with that. What I am not okay with is what they did in the movies. It feels like a tug of war between trying to create an epic-er trilogy while still holding true to the lightheartedness of the book. It won’t work like that, each piece of content should be given what it deserves and shouldn’t be based on what it’s predecessors did. If you want to create something new, you shouldn’t just go off, of the nostalgia factor. Give it what it deserves and it will be something different but it will still be good because it is what was needed for that piece of content.

-The Verdict-

This review is short but that’s only because I just came back from the cinema and I haven’t had a chance to let my thoughts sink in. I usually tend to steer clear from these cult movies and popular mainstream movies. The reason is that my opinion isn’t a very popular one, and I am not here just to bash on these movies for the mere fact of being cynical. I just say what I think and that’s all that matters, and whatever your opinion is I respect that as well. It is just helpful I believe to write something even if it isn’t a popular opinion. If it is presented well maybe some might agree, or no one would, that is fine, it is good to have two sides of an argument instead of one. At the end of the day, if you enjoyed it, that’s really great and that’s all it comes down to. Finally, I want to emphasize that my negative remarks towards this movie were not just out of hardheartedness. This review  comes from a fan of the Lord of the Rings series. I am a person who doesn’t really enjoy fantasy that much, yet I adore the LOTR series for what it presented. It gave us that immersion and that connection to the adventure and the hardships. I wanted this movie to be a joyful adventure which stuck true to the fans and the contents. I don’t want to see another LOTR, I want to see The Hobbit, on it’s own as it should be. Anyway that is my very short review feel free to discuss and give your points, I accept any criticism and feedback no matter how harsh it may be. Visit the contact me page if you want to talk  to me anywhere about whatever~

Thank you for reading.

Breaking Bad: The Show of Change


I would like to preface this article by saying that this article will be filled with spoilers. If you have any intention of watching Breaking Bad or have yet to finish the series PLEASE stop now. I really do not want to ruin anything for anyone because I will go in depth on the final 3 episodes and my overall thoughts on the series. I know this is not a movie, but this is a show which has a reason to be a show and I shall explain why. With that out of the way let me begin.


– The Show –

The show breaking bad started off back in 2008, when it aired it’s first episode. Created by Vince Gilligan, he wanted to create a show where he turned Mr. Chips into Scarface and see how far he could take it. He admitted himself that he believed that once they saw the darkness and evil that was about to erupt from this man, that the fans would stop watching. Yet to his surprise the fans held on to the ride and went along with them.

Through the course of the show we are riding along the dysfunctional life of Walter White. A man who has been dealt a bad hand, but abruptly decides to take his life in his own hands. Now in the show he sees Chemistry which is his passion as the Study of Change rather than matter. This is the whole philosophy of the show in my opinion. The show is the show of change. It went through this dramatic process and changed completely. Not just plot wise but also in the skill of the cast and crew. You can feel the difference. It started off with not as much support and suddenly gained this huge fan base which  enabled them to go on and beyond their own expectations.

Now I usually do not enjoy TV shows for a couple of reasons. I am a person who enjoys closure. Not really meaning I like things with closed endings, I just want something to end. Which is why I enjoy movies so much, they have a clear beginning middle and end most of the time. As for a lot of TV shows they usually start of great with this idea in mind, but slowly start to go off the path and turn into something completely different. They loose what they had first intended. Many shows are great examples like Lost and the recently ended Dexter. They just weren’t complete. On the other hand breaking bad is complete, it is finite as is chemistry. It starts at point A and ends in Z. We don’t want breaking bad to start at A and end in 34 or XYZ. Obviously though you can’t please everyone but in my opinion as a whole show it is one of the strongest. My reasoning is it  uses it’s status as a show and multiple episodes to actually allow for character development in an insane way as well as plot development. You look at the best shows like Sopranos and recently House of Cards, they all accomplish the need of actually developing the plot and using each episode as a step to get to the end. There doesn’t need to be any flat surface in the steps of a show, it should work for a better end and progression.  For reference if anyone is interested Kevin Spacey has an excellent speech during the MacTaggart Memorial that you should all watch on TV Shows.

– The Ending –

Now obviously I explained that it contains spoilers and if you are still reading and haven’t watched please stop. Okay anyway, let us continue. Now as for the ending in my personal opinion the last 3 episodes are the “ending” to breaking bad. Think of it this way, if it was a book, “Ozymandias” would be the final chapter of the book, and the last 2 episodes would be the Epilogue.  That is of course completely my opinion and I will elaborate on it of course.

In Ozymandias we see the end of Walter White, it was the moment that cannot be undone. Everything before that there was a chance that he could continue without being caught or exposing himself. Nevertheless, during Ozymandias Walter White saw his end and it was clear that it was never going to be the same. We then see the episode Granite State a week later which shows us the aftermath of Walt’s “end”. It is has this sad and somber tone throughout the episode that Walt has given up. Inside of Walt lies two very distinct people. The Walter White that everyone has known for so long, and the strong Heisenberg. During this episode we see Walt trying to become Heisenberg again as he has throughout the entire show. Through the show we see the many sides of Walter White. As Walt pretending to be Heisenberg, or Heisenberg pretending to be Walt. These conflicts are what made him as a character. During Granite State we see this battle every few minutes. He seems to have given up on life, seeing no solution while Heisenberg wants to leave and make one. It shows the battle of everyone really, of either playing with a bad hand or inevitably folding and staying out of it. However at the end of the episode we see him helpless at a bar waiting for his demise when he looks at the TV. We see the Schwartz’ talking about Walt like he was this poor and kind man that they lost. This is the moment when we finally see Heisenberg emerging again. The facial expression shows that Walt is gone for good, and here he decides to take it into his own hands. As for Felina now, it was a very neat way of wrapping things up. Some say it was too “tidy” for the show breaking bad but I sort of disagree. Yes it did tie up every loose end of the show leaving it with a very finite ending. That is what I believe it deserved. I will explain in the next section of a full analysis of the last three episodes individually.

– Ozymandias Analysis – 

This to me was the best episode I have ever seen on any TV show period for so many reasons. The amount of plot development they were able to get in this episode. The incredible directing that made so many little stuff meaningful. To start it of, the beginning where it showed Walt and Jesse during their first cook. We see something that we never saw during the first season. Walt goes up a hill and calls Skyler.  Now the shot that comes after it was actually really important because it ties in to a later shot.  The shot of the knife being way more focused than it should, it is as if it is what we have to see most out of the shot.


Now the later scene when Walt comes in the house and Jr finally knows the truth. We see a similar shot but with another object in the mix. Both the phone and the knives are in focus. With that shot we see that Skyler here has a choice of both of those things. She could only choose one and must live with her choice. As seen below.


Alright back to the flashback in the beginning. I feel like it was very important to show it in particular in the beginning of this episode. As i mentioned Ozymandias notes the beginning of the end in terms of the show. The flashback not only signifies the site of the first cook will be the site that the end will commence, but also in a show of lies it shows the first lie. That phone call to Skyler was the first time Walt lied to Skyler to be able to cook. It may not be in specific the “first” lie but it was the first of many that mattered with his cooking.

After that obviously the still shot changes and all the objects fade out and the present day shooting fades which begins the episode.  We see instantly Gomez is dead and Hank is wounded. As Jack approaches Hank and Walt watches, Walt sees that his line is finally about to be crossed. I feel like this is important to the series because each person in life draws their line in a different place and they try not to cross it. For all the bad things that Walt has done throughout the entire series he has yet crossed his line. His line is his family, and at this moment we see that he is willing to give away everything to stop his line being crossed. His family has been involved in all of this, but he has never lost someone because of it.  Hank being the man he is knows for a while that it is over, and stares death in the face. Mid sentence he is shot. Walt falls to the ground as he knows that it is it, it is the end. One of his family has died because of his actions. In his fall we see a parallel between Walt and Gus. Though different positions and stories there are so many similarities between them. Which is why they both knew they couldn’t both continue in this journey. The fall is similar to Gus at the loss of his brother, we see both of them now have fully broken down. Behind there rough personas is still a human being and we witness it here.


After this, he gets his money stolen, his brother in law murdered, he stands up and returns to who he truly is again. He reveals where Jesse is, and the Nazi’s decide to take him with them to “interrogate” then kill as Walt wanted. Still after everything that happened to him a Jesse. Walt simply comes up to him and tells him that he watched Jane die, and that he could have saved her. This was such a powerful statement, showing Jesse how much bad this man did yet he does not even care about it.

I wont go into everything but what I feel is important to analyze. After seeing Jesse as a tortured meth slave and Jr knowing about his dad. We see the fight in the house which is a big turning point in the story. Jr even though he has known for a while abruptly goes against his dad. He feels like he has the task of protecting his family from the person trying to protect the family. As Walt rises from the fight and screams “What’s the matter with you? We’re a family” Reality hits him. You see it through the acting of Cranston how he was not fully able to do to his family what he wanted and go away peacefully.

Finally the most important thing to talk about is the phone call and how detailed Walt’s words were. It was basically him pulling Skyler out of trouble for the very last time. He knew the police were listening over and made it certain that Skyler had nothing to do with it. He even realized that he cannot even be with Holly anymore and had to leave everything behind.

– Granite State Analysis –

Now this to me is the beginning of the epilogue in my opinion, and the after math of the end. The title of the episode obviously having a double meaning of both New Hampshire being known  as the Granite State, and for it to be a synonym of Grey Matter. I feel like Grey Matter plays such an important role in the plot of breaking bad. Walt was so brilliant at Chemistry and so proud yet had his idea taken away by people he knew. In this episode it all came around full circle in the end when he knew that blue meth was still out there. He was not going to let it happen again to him. He worked so hard to build this legacy and this craft. “What does a man do Walter? A man provides for his family. And he does it even when he’s not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he’s a man.” -Gustavo Fring. Walt’s motivation for building his drug empire was driven by his past with Gray Matter Technologies and Gretchen Schwartz, but his goal was to provide for his family. Throughout the series his motivation and goal have repeatedly come into immense conflict with each other. This also ties in to the last scene of the series which I will explain later.

There is not as much to dissect in this episode compared to the last but there are still parts I wish to talk about for a while. First, Saul and Walter’s confrontation. As Saul and Walt are talking and things are not going the way Walt wanted. Heisenberg emerges again in front of Saul and you see the absolute fear in his eyes and the way his body language is. This fear has been built up through all the seasons so that he is able to have that affect on everyone he meets. Though in the end Saul finally stands up for himself and just leaves Walt there, as he goes to his new life.

I will first talk about Jesse’s heartfelt loss before I start with Walter. Jesse is now beaten and destroyed. A person whom he saw as the father he never had poisoned a kid, killed Mike his friend, and watched his love die. He is completely broken and feels like he cannot loose anything else in life. He tries to escape and shows his true self how impulsive Jesse is. He is the polar opposite of Walt who usually plans things out. He does not wait and gets caught at the gate. He wants to die, he thinks he has nothing left in life. That isn’t enough though. They take him to Andrea’s house and kill her in front of his eyes. That scene was one of the toughest scenes to ever watch in Breaking Bad. You see him completely shattered. I have to praise Aaron for his phenomenal acting, he really showed us how that level of pain looks.

Now I will dissect Walter and his conflicts in this episode. This episode is the best example of the constant struggle between Walter White and Heisenberg. Two distinct characters battling each other every step of the way. During the beginning when he first came to the log house we see Walt immediately trying to become Heisenberg even if he is not. He puts on the hat and paints the persona that he really is Heisenberg. Though, every time he goes towards the door he can see that he is just Walter pretending to be Heisenberg as seen below.

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He stays as Walter White for the next few months, paralleling the loneliness that he used to face on a day to day basis.  He feels very helpless and angered that he is not in control of the situation. Heisenberg wants to again play his hand no matter how bad the cards are, but Walter White is still hesitant. You can see how low he has come to when he offers 10 thousand dollars to the guy to stay with him for one more hour. I love this fluctuation of Walt’s character during just one episode let alone the span of the entire season.

After all of this Heisenberg finally gets one up on Walter and has the courage to leave the log house. He is then beaten down again after his son still doesn’t accept him and hates him. He goes to the bar and sits hopeless waiting for the police to arrive. Then the TV switches to the Schwartz’ talking about Walt and Grey Matter. They state that he had nothing to do with it and that the sweet innocent man is gone. He finds out as well that blue meth is still out there. Both of these elements tie in beautifully as his meth empire is going around full circle and he is going to loose it like he lost Grey Matter. This is when Walt finally turns back to full on Heisenberg in this episode. It also triggered the intro music as the police came in which was just phenomenal and so thrilling.


 – Felina Analysis – 

The final pages of the epic tale of Walter White. Vince decided here to tie up everything together, and leaves no loose ends. Now I have read some opinions online and some people have stated that the ending was too tidy for Breaking Bad. How everything went according to plan. I kind of disagree, I don’t believe “everything” went according to plan. This point also brought up another with some people that a lot of stuff depend on Walt suddenly being lucky. I think this is more good than bad. The reason is throughout the entire show Walt has been powered by being dealt a bad hand of luck. The scene that is often not noticed is the scene in the car. The keys fell from the top visor and some people complained at how over the top his luck has become. For me though, if you look at Walt it was one of the few times he has been humble in a very long time.


Now for the scene with the Schwartz’. Let me begin by saying that the directing was so phenomenal and I give extreme praise towards Vince for that. The perspective that he gave the audience was just perfect and couldn’t have been done any better. Walt comes to Gretchen and Elliot as a plan to finally be able to get his money to his family, or what is left of it. He obviously threatens them with the aide of two “hit men”. We later find out that it was actually just Badger and Skinny Pete with a couple of lasers. Nevertheless I was so happy to see them in the last episode. They are the only two constants in the show. They are the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of breaking bad. To add to that their only dialogue as well was actually a great interpretation of the entire moral of the show.

Badger: You know, I don’t exactly know how to feel about all this.

Skinny Pete: For real, yo. Whole thing felt kind of shady,you know, like morality-wise?

Badger: Totally.

(Walt holds up the money) Walt: How do you feel now?

(They take the money) Skinny Pete: Better. Badger: Yeah, definitely improving.

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The next scene I will talk about is the conversation between Skyler and Walter. Such a beautiful and important part of the plot and development. Walt comes to Skyler to finally say a proper goodbye. He knows that tonight is the last night of his life, he is just there to finally lay everything to rest. Apart from the great shot of Walt being behind the column, the dialogue is what stood out. One was when Skyler tells him he looks awful. Walt simply replies, yeah but I feel good. This shows how he is able to accept his end in anyway it comes out. The second and most important scene in the entire finale in my opinion is when Walt admitted the truth. He finally admitted to Skyler and more importantly to himself that he did everything to himself. That he himself enjoyed it and didn’t continue on lying. I never realized how important this scene was until I actually saw it. You could finally see Skyler breathing and being in relief since a very long time. He had finally been totally truthful in his statement since the start of all of this. It feels like she saw something else, she saw the man she once married. Like when she allowed him to see Holly. I feel like that statement was enough for her to be relieved now and live on breathing again. That scene alone was one of the most outstanding moments of the show.


Moving along to the final confrontation. A lot people say that the way he disposed of everyone was very neat and tidy. It just went according to his own terms this time. Not everything though in my opinion went to his plan. I truly believe that he went there with the intention of killing Jesse with everyone else. Vince also talked about that in the last episode of Talking Bad. He explained that in his mind the ending was kind of like the popular western The Searchers. In The Searchers the main character is hunting down this woman who he intends to kill. At the end of the movie when he gets to her. He sees her imprisoned and punished, so he can’t morally kill her so he ends up freeing her. This is the same with Walt in my opinion. I feel like he went in wanting to kill Jesse along with everyone to fully tie up all loose ends. When he sees Jesse tied up and tortured he is just not able to do it so inevitably he saves him. He kills off Jack mid sentence which was similar to how Jack killed Hank which I found interesting. Jesse was able to finally get rid of Todd even though he does not want to kill anyone, he couldn’t resist taking him out. The confrontation later where Walt gives Jesse the gun and asks him to do it. I believe here its like Walt knows he will die one way or another. He wants Jesse to at least have the chance, to keep it under Jesse’s terms. Jesse refused in the end which I believe ties in to a moment in the middle of the season where he tells Walt that he will never do anything he wants of him again. Jesse has had it with Walter and wants to leave him in his own death. Jesse gets in the car and is finally free. This is a moment to remember honestly because for once he is the one to decide where he goes. As seen below.


To end it all we see Walt’s death. Walt is finally at peace with himself, though not perfect, he was able to do what he intended. He goes down to the meth lab in the barn house. He looks around, and here we see how Walt is finally proud of what he did. It is his, it hasn’t been taken away like Grey Matter. He looks upon the gas mask and a song by the name of Baby Blue starts playing which I feel was a great touch. Walter White falls and the camera pans out from top and we see how he is finally dying on his own terms in peace. It may not have pleased everyone, but in my opinion it was a very fitting ending to Breaking Bad. I will miss the show dearly which did so many stuff right.


Thank you for reading, please send feedback if you feel like it.