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Suicide Squad: Critics, Fans, Reviews, Warner Brothers and Bribery (Spoiler-Free)


            Last night I had the chance to go to the first screening of Suicide Squad. Now as a huge fan of comics and especially DC, I wanted this movie to be good. I wanted this movie to save the DCEU (DC Extended Universe). Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that will be the case. For so long Warner Brothers have been sticking their fingers into stuff that never needed it. However that isn’t the biggest issue that DC movies have been having lately. The greatest challenge they face is that of critics’ reviews. It seems that whatever DC has been producing lately has been getting abnormally horrible reviews. Now I am not one to go with the idea of conspiracy theories. People keep on saying that critics have been bribed by Marvel to give DC movies bad reviews. In this article I will break down what I really feel is going on surrounding everything related to Suicide Squad and the negative reviews controversy that has been happening.

Critics’ Reviews:

              I will preface this again, I am not one to believe in conspiracy theories. When the Batman Vs Superman reviews started coming out, I thought they were a bit harsh. Even though I did agree with most of them and did not enjoy the movie as much, I still thought it got more hate than it deserved. However I never thought that the reviewers were bribed. However yesterday and also today, as I sat in-front of my screen reading countless reviews from acclaimed critics and sites I could not help but wonder if something was actually going on. Some reviews were abnormally harsh to such an extent that I couldn’t even believe that they were being published. Sure, the movie wasn’t incredible. However it is no where near close to what the critics have been saying it is. I have read over five articles which state that Suicide Squad is “Worse than Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, and Jonah Hex”. Which is simply INSANE. Green Lantern was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Suicide Squad doesn’t even come close to that. How can these people really believe that this movie is worse than those god awful cash grabs. With Suicide Squad there is at least some sense of passion being put into the project.

              Now, I can’t actually prove that these reviewers were being bribed. However I do feel that there is something fishy going on with this whole situation. When you look at all of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies, the worst rated which is Thor sits at a 66% aggregated rating from critics. While Suicide Squad sits at a 38% rating. I can’t understand this. Yes, the movie wasn’t perfect, however it is not even close to a 38%. I actually do feel like Suicide Squad for me was at the level of Thor. There is some inconsistency when it comes to reviews. It seems like reviewers have been holding different films to different standards. This isn’t the way to review a film. One has to look at what the film does right and what the film does wrong and weigh out how that affects the perception of the film. The best example can be seen below:


             How can any sane movie reviewer look at both these aggregated scores and think that this is fair. It seems like reviewers hold DC movies to a much higher standard. But how come? Both Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad are movies. They should be judged and given merit based on what is solely presented to the audience and not holding them up to this impossible standard. There is something wrong with how reviewers review certain movies and how they review others. When reading most of the Suicide Squad reviews all I could see were reviewers who did not even want to acknowledge a shred of goodness coming from the film. I did not like it as much as I wanted but I still do admit that it had some good parts. When reading most reviews being given, it makes it seem like the movie has no redeeming factors whatsoever. I don’t know what the issue is with reviewers and DC movies. Sure, the movies haven’t been perfect. However they have been getting an abnormal amount of hate that just seems very silly to me.

             So the big question is this. Why does this matter? These movies already get so much money as it is. Why should these reviews even matter? They matter for many reasons. But one of the most important ones is that they give a negative stigma to the film before it is even watched by many people. Since reviews by critics usually come out a day or two before the worldwide premiere, people have a preconceived opinion on how the movie will turn out.  Also it can stop people from actually going to the movie to begin with. When I was browsing the movies subreddit, I saw so many people commenting on not going to the movie due to the bad reviews that have been coming out.

          Now with all this being said, I am not saying that you shouldn’t write bad reviews about film. Obviously not. What I am saying is that the majority of the super negative reviews show that Suicide Squad has no redeeming qualities. This is somewhat far-fetched. An example if I recall correctly was that many critics used to criticize Marvel’s lack of distinct soundtrack when it comes to their movies. Usually with superhero movies their is always a distinct and prevalent soundtrack that sticks to your memory whenever you think of the movie. Many critics and myself as well did not like the fact that movies from the MCU lacked that aspect when it comes to their soundtrack. Now when it comes to Suicide Squad, the soundtrack is incredible, and in more than 20 reviews most did not even acknowledge it and some even said that “all that awesome music was too much, and didn’t help”. I find it silly how they criticize other superhero movies for not having a certain thing, yet when this movie comes and does what they asked for, it is unappreciated. As I said before, there has been some inconsistencies when it comes to reviews. Without some change, people will start taking everything that is being said by these critics to heart and not even bothering to go to the films even if it might have some redeeming factors.

Warner Brothers:

               Warner Bros…. Seriously. Stop meddling into places that you shouldn’t be meddling. If you may or may not have heard. After the filming of Suicide Squad there was a re-shooting which was requested by Warner Bros in order to add comedic touches and one-liners into the movie. That decision was really really dumb and it proves that Warner Bros are clueless when it comes to what the people want. The problem is, they do this, and make so much money. So they think that what they are doing made it work. The thing that gave the movie this much money is the intense marketing and also the brand. People will watch it regardless. So, you guys did not meddle and let David Ayer do his thing, I think that Warner Bros were gonna be on top. We already saw that Ayer has proven himself as a director when he directed the war drama “Fury”. Even certain people who watched the movie before the re-shooting were so impressed with the first edit. They loved it, and with this change they felt very disappointed with the whole thing. As am I. I really wish they gave Ayer full creative control over the movie. If he had I think the movie would have been one of the best comic films ever. However with what we have, it is just an average one. I know that this article will not change anything going forward with the DCEU. However I just wanted to let everyone know that if they keep on going this way, having popular characters is not going to keep on carrying this franchise. Hopefully Geoff Johns can save this franchise the same way he saved DC by his amazing efforts in the New 52.


                   To anyone willing to go see Suicide Squad, have no expectations. Go into the movie with nothing in mind and expect nothing. Forget what the critics say and forget what the fanboys say. Watch the movie and judge it for yourself and you can see its flaws and merits. The movie isn’t perfect yet it isn’t as bad as critics say it is. Also I will hopefully soon write my full review of the movie and my thoughts on it.