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15 Great unscripted movie scenes


It has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog unfortunately. So I decided to come back with a list of some of my personal favorite unscripted scenes in movies. I will mostly include scenes that are confirmed to be unscripted so the Midnight cowboy scene which is disputed upon by the director and Dustin Hoffman will not be included, or any other similar scene.  The list will just be ordered alphabetically instead of keeping them ranked, since it will be hard to put criteria on unscripted scenes. Without further ado here are 15 of the many great unscripted scenes that made it into the final movie cut.

 1) Annie Hall (1977) “The sneeze”

Widely regarded as Woody Allen’s masterpiece, Annie Hall had one of the most famous sneezes in cinema history. What is mind boggling is the fact that it was never intended in the final cut, and was filmed during screen rehearsals. Woody Allen’s character Alvy was at a party where he is offered a tin can filled with cocaine. As he takes the tin in his hand he has a violent erupting sneeze which sends the white powder flying everywhere. All the actors started laughing uncontrollably which was so genuine and spontaneous that Allen decided to keep it in the final cut.

2) Being John Malkovich (1999) “Think fast!”

A disturbance on set is usually something that can turn the day sour instantly. Whereas for this movie a disturbance added more to the characters frustration during the scene. After Malkovich meets Craig Schwartz on the side of the road, he wanders off mad and annoyed. As he walks off a car passes by with a man leaning out of the window. The man throws a can while yelling “Hey Malkovich! Think fast!”. The can hit Malkovich in the back of his head which induced genuine frustration which felt believable in the context of the movie as well. The extra who threw the can was actually given a raise upon having the scene placed in the final cut instead of being fired!

3) Blade Runner (1982) “Like tears in the rain” 


During the final battle between ex-blade runner Rick Deckard and replicant Roy Batty, as Rick tries to exterminate Roy. He puts himself in a very awkward corner on a rooftop ready to meet his demise. Rather than killing Deckard, Roy shows mercy and rescues him from the edge of the roof. He gives a final monologue before he dies. As he thinks about his past and the short life he lived, he says “All the moments will be lost in time…” Hauer then adds a very powerful phrase “.. Like tears in the rain” The line was so good it was it had become one of the most memorable of the entire movies.


4) Casablanca (1942) “Here’s looking at you kid”

This timely classic had so many memorable lines which stayed in the mind of the viewers. But the line it is most memorable for and most accredited for wasn’t even in the original script! The scene where both Ilsa and Victor are put on a plane bound to america one last line is uttered to Ilsa by Bogart’s character. “Here’s looking at you kid” instantly became the quote of the movie. According to some reports, it is said that Bogart would say that line to her as he was teaching her poker during the breaks.

5) Clockwork Orange, A (1971) “Singing in the rain dance”


Kubrick’s incredible movie about the tale of a mischievous young man is not only one of his best movies, it is also one of three movies of his on this list. The scene in which the gang break into a random house is considered to be one of the most popular and disturbing parts of the entire movie. After shooting the scene many times, Kubrick wasn’t happy with the result. He finally suggested to McDowell to dance a little bit during the scene. McDowell did an excellent spontaneous dance that Kubrick was very pleased and kept it in the final cut.  As a side note, the scene was actually so difficult for the actress originally cast, that she had to quit and have her role recast.

6) Dark Knight, The (2008) “Slow clapping” & “Delayed explosion”

I have previously explained my problems with TDK and Nolan, yet I am not here to do that now. For me Heath Ledger was the savior of the movie and he showed it when faced with these spontaneous situations during filming. He perfectly stayed in character which should be a huge credit towards him. The first unscripted scene happened when The Joker was  incarcerated in the police department. As the mayor gives the news that Gordon is now the new commissioner. As the officers in the room applaud loudly, Ledger begins to slowly clap without changing  his expression or breaking out of character as he improvises. The improvisation is very subtle and simple, but it brought a very dark feel to the scene and added another layer to the character. The other important scene which showed how genuinely, even facing a spontaneous  event, Ledger was able to stay in character was the hospital scene. As The Joker was exiting the hospital wearing his nurse’s outfit, he pulls the trigger on the explosion and the fireworks begin. But as he was further away the explosions suddenly stop. Improvising, Ledger doesn’t break character and starts fondling with the remote. He brings out a hint of the style of Joker that is found in other renditions of batman in what was supposed to be a serious scene. The explosion goes off and he genuinely gets startled and runs off to the bus.

7) Dr. Strangelove (1964) “End Scene” 


The second of Kubrick’s movies to make it on the list. Dr. Strangelove was known for its improvisations when Kubrick gave Sellers three roles to just improvise all he wants. Kubrick and his co-writer actually had to “retroscript” and change a lot to be able to include many of Sellers’ improvised lines. However, personally the end scene with Dr. Strangelove is my favorite unscripted scene in any movie. As we are coming to the end of the satirical movie, Dr. Strangelove who has been confined to the wheelchair suddenly stands up. At the very end in spontaneous fashion Sellers stood up and delivered the most brilliant unscripted line “Mein Führer! I can walk!” which was followed by the explosion compilation.  That line also created on of my favorite ending scenes in cinema history, and I applaud Sellers for his ability to improvise such great lines and ideas.

8)  Full Metal Jacket (1987)  “Drill Sergeant” 

The third of Kubrick’s movies to make it onto this list and for good reason. FMJ felt like it was split into 2, first showing the actual real hardships that soldiers go through in boot camp, and the rest was on the actual war and how it really is. As for the first part, R. Lee Ermey wasn’t even cast for the role of the drill sergeant. Ermey later sent a video tape to Kubrick of him spewing insults at soldiers for 15 minutes straight. This lead to an immediate casting of Ermey. Ermey then wrote down 150 pages of insults and submitted them to Kubrick! The director admits that more than 50% of the dialogue was improvised by Ermey and one of the few times Kubrick has allowed this much improvisation.

9) Godfather, The (1972) “Take the cannoli” & “The cat”

Widely regarded as on of the greatest movies in cinema history just by sheer brilliance in hitting the mark on most aspects. The Godfather actually had two scenes which were not in the original script. The first one though not as well known as the cat, it still gave this great taste to the scene, and created a famous line for the movie. As Clemenza was ordered to carry a hit out on Paulie, he approached the bullet covered car.  Castellano’s original line was “Leave the gun” but reminiscing an earlier scene, he improvised “Take the cannoli” which was the creation of this famous line. The other unscripted scene in the movie had to do with Don Vito’s cat in the beginning of the movie. The Godfather was known for being very coldblooded, ordering for a man to be beaten for the beating of another man’s daughter, all the while gently stroking a cat. The insane thing about this is that the cat was never even part of the original script. Yet it has evolved into becoming one of the most memorable scenes of Don Vito. As for how the cat came to be in the movie. Some people say that Coppola just plopped the cat onto Brando’s lap right before filming. Other reports say that Marlon found the cat wandering around set and he carried it with him to filming. Whatever the reason may, I’m  sure I am not the only  one who is happy that the cat ended up on the final cut.

10) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) “Gun vs. Sword”

Though I am not a hardcore fan of the Indiana Jones series, I can still appreciate the hilarious unscripted scene which became an iconic part of Indiana for all his fans. While Indiana is hurrying to rescue the damsel in distress he stumbles into a huge sword wielding man dressed in black. The bad guy shows off his sword skills for a while to scare Indiana. Instead of fighting him, Jones just pulls out a gun and moves along. This was not intended to be in the movie, it was actually supposed to be a very long sword fight between the two. Unfortunately the day of shooting Ford had a bad case of food poisoning and didn’t have enough energy to film a long fight scene. After a discussion with Spielberg, the scene was changed to the now famous Gun vs. Sword fight.

11)  Reservoir Dogs (1992) “Can you hear me now?”


Tarantino’s first movie, the independent Reservoir Dogs, contained many memorable scenes, but not more memorable than the torture scene by Mr. Blonde. One of the most gruesome scenes of the movie had Mr. Blonde torture an officer by slicing his ear off.  Tarintino never really gave Madsen any direction or instruction as to what to do after the cutting was done. So he eventually improvised all his actions and lines while shooting. This led to an incredibly cold blooded scene which included the great unscripted quote of “Can you hear me now?” as Mr. Blonde says it to the cut off ear.

12)  Silence of the lambs, The (1991) “The hiss”

For anyone who has seen this movie, they know that Anthony Hopkins gave one of the greatest renditions of Hannibal Lecter to ever be on screen. Though I may not be a fan of Hannibal Lecter and his story, I appreciate the movie and Hopkins’ role. Even though he only had 16 minutes of actual dialogue to be said, it was enough for him to portray his character and the many layers perfectly. It was also enough for him to receive an Oscar. From his 16 minutes his most memorable would be his story he told to Clarice about eating a liver with fava beans and Chianti. After it though Hopkins gave this eerie Hiisssss sound which added a huge amount to the creepiness of his character. The hiss however was never in the script. It was said that Hopkins did it during rehearsals just to creep out Jodie. The director was very pleased with the hiss, that he told him to keep it for the shooting of the final cut.

13) Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) “I know”

Again same issue with Indiana Jones, not a hardcore fan to adore this line but I do appreciate it.  This unscripted line is here because Harrison Ford was able to add a line that just summed up the entire smug character more than any other Han line.  As Solo is about to be cased in carbonite, Princess Leia finally reveals her affections for him. She went on and said “I love you”, and the script originally had Solo saying “I love you too” Ford decided that Solo wouldn’t say anything like that so he changed it to “I know” making it a perfectly fitting way for smug Solo to reply to Leia.

14) Taxi Driver (1976) “You talking to me?”

Taxi Driver, known to be one of the greatest movies ever is chock full of incredibly memorable scenes which included the insomniac Travis. One of the key scenes was when Travis is seen talking to himself in the mirror. Yet all the script had written for that scene was “Travis talks to himself in the mirror” and nothing else. Everything that was said was improvised by De Niro on the spot. This led to an interesting set of lines of a man who had started to loose it. The famous line of “You talking to me?” eventually came out of De Niro as he faces himself in the mirror. To this day that line is stuck in everyone’s head as they see themselves in the mirror.

15) The Usual Suspects (1995) “The line up”

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie apart from the ending is the line up scene in the beginning.  For this scene the writer (Christopher McQuarrie) just wrote this line “Give me the keys you fucking cocksucker!” for the line up scene. It was on each individual actor to say it however they wanted. McQuarrie actually played the cop in the scene speaking to the suspects, and he had to say “In English please” to Del Toro for not being very clear. His reaction after that was completely natural and unscripted and created a great comical moment for the character. Also according to some interviews the laughing during Del Toro’s turn was due to the constant farting on set! In the end the opted to keep it for the final cut of the movie.


Thank you all for reading this, I know it has been a while but I have been under a lot of stress with university. All in all I hope you enjoyed this list and hopefully I will be bringing back the reviews for the 1001 movies to see before you die book. Finally if you ever want me to write about anything either a review or a list or just a general article please feel free to contact me in any way, all my contact info’s are in the “contact us” page. So yeah please tell me what you want to see because I sometimes have writers block and never know what to write about.

Thanks again, Omar


My top 20 favorite movie scenes of all time

This is a list of of my top 20 favorite movie scenes of all time. This is not a list of my favorite movies. Since some of my favorite movies there isn’t a specific scene I love, I might just like the movie as a whole. This list of course is totally subjective and fully my opinion. So without further ado my top 20 favorite scenes of all times: (Beware of spoilers I will specify if its a big spoiler)

20) The Shawshank Redemption – Opera scene

One of the most memorable scenes from the movie. Morgan Freeman’s narration shows why I love it.

19) Psycho – “A boy’s best friend is his mother” conversation

One of my favorite conversations from Hitchcock movies.  Norman Bates seems very innocent and the way the conversation goes really makes me appreciate it.

18) The Godfather – Vito Corleone’s first scene

The infamous scene of The Godfather, a movie which is perfectly filmed. A beginning to an amazing movie, starting off with a bright wedding then immediately switching to the dark room where dark business is performed.

17) American Beauty – Dinner scene

For me this is Kevin Spacey’s best performance ever. He is so calm and awesome. This scene especially shows how Lester’s life changed and how he just doesn’t care. Plus Kevin Spacey throwing the plate instead of dropping it was amazing to see actual reactions from the mom and daughter.

16) Dr. Strangelove – End Scene (SPOILERS)

In my opinion not only is it one of my favorite endings, it is also the best unscripted scene ever. Kubrick gave peter sellers the freedom in this movie to improvise since Kubrick loved his improvised scenes. Such a beautiful ending

15) American Psycho – Break up scene (Minor spoiler because it’s not thaaaat important)

I was going back and forth between this scene and Paul Allen’s scene. I just can’t get over Bale’s performance in this scene. Its phenomenal. So yeah this scene is amazing.

14) Reservoir Dogs – Tipping scene

As expected from a Tarintino script. A brilliant conversation that actually convinced me. It’s just brilliantly written and played. Also Steve Buscemi is amazing.

13) One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest  – I want my cigarettes

Well unfortunately I could not find my actual favorite scene which is the first group therapy session. This is my second favorite so yeah. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a movie with mentally ill people.

12) Snatch – Nemesis speech 

Again, amazing writing prevails. I just could not pick a scene from this movie, it was too hard. So I just picked the one I enjoyed the most. The writing is this movie is freaking amazing. Other than Pulp Fiction, the second best movie with multiple story lines.

11) Fight Club – Burn scene

I actually have a scene I like more but it isn’t available on youtube so yeah. This scene is also phenomenal so it does not make a difference. Amazing back and forth between Norton and Pitt. Beautifally made.

10) Oldboy – Fight Scene

The only action-ey scene on my list, and for good reason. I wanted to pick the ending, but no this scene is beautiful. The best fight scene in cinema history in my opinion.

9) Amadeus – Final writing scene (does not show the ending so I guess it’s fine)

One of my favorite scenes in this movie. It is so beautiful, the passion for music. Many find the movie boring. To me the movie flows like a symphony. I honestly don’t recommend this movie to most people, tastes of people changed.

8) Battle Royale – First 20 mins

The first twenty minutes is technically one scene. The rules and explanation, one of the best starts. The movie did not beat around the bush and just punched us in the face from the beginning. Youtube has a lack of videos so 1 minute will be fine I guess.

7) The Shining – Baseball bat scene (Slight spoiler)

To me, The Shining, is the BEST paced movie of all time. The pacing of insanity is perfection. The pacing curve is beautiful. This to me is the tip of the beginning of the long climax of the movie. Also I love Jack Nicholson and Kubrick so yeah..

6) Dog Day Afternoon – First scene outside

This movie took my by surprised, I loved it so much. To me this is Pacino’s best performance. I couldn’t believe that this actually happened in real life. The acting in this scene is just…. phenomenal .

5) Leon The Professional – One minute past

This scene is just, beautiful to an astonishing degree. Gary Oldman hit it out of the park with this scene. He isn’t even in most of the movie and I still deem it as the most underrated performance in cinema history. He is just amazing in the movie

4) A Clockwork Orange – Alex puts his droogs in place 

One of Kubrick’s most famous movie, and most popular scene from the movie. I just love the way they speak in the movie, it’s like rhyming slang. It just makes the script more unique. The scene is incredible, the music, the narration, the filming.. just perfect.

3) The Dark Knight – Joker Interrogation

Although being disappointed by Chris Nolan has ruined some of his works for me. The Dark Knight isn’t one of them. As a comic, batman, and joker fan, I was more than pleased with the end result. The movie is phenomenal with in my opinion the second best performance of the 21st century (best performance is no.1 on this list)

2) Pulp Fiction – Jules’ speech

No doubt the greatest Tarintino scene ever filmed. The dialogue is of course incredible because it is Quentin. But most importantly it is the characters that he creates. Then he picks specific actors to portray those characters and he knocks them out the park with every decision. Just brilliant.

1) There Will Be Blood – I drink your milkshake! (SPOILERS DON’T WATCH IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE)

The greatest performance in film history. That is a bold statement made by me since of thousands of movies I have watched. No doubt the last 10 minutes are one of the best acted moments ever. Daniel Day Lewis is acting perfection. I can write a book just praising Daniel Day Lewis. Also amazing directing and writing by Paul Thomas Anderson. This movie is just…. the best

In conclusion, I just want to point out again that these are MY favorite scenes. So of course it is subjective. Also, 3 Kubrick movies and 2 Tarintino movies. So yeah shows my love for them.

Thank you for reading, visit the contacts page to suggest new topics to discuss and feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.